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Box Frame Shop Launch on Jamstack

There’s been a lot of buzz around Jamstack recently, so I needed an excuse to give it a go.

My parter and I decided to source some box frames, as Ikea stopped doing their popular Ribba frames that a lot of ‘crafters’ use. I whipped up a little site using Jamstack, that sells white, oak and black 23cm x 23cm deep frames. All the variants are handled using vanilla ES6, and the cart contents is stored with local storage.

I went with Eleventy, GitHub Actions, Netlity and Stripe. For this kind of hobby site, it’s a great little stack. I have a GitHub Actions workflow that builds the site and pushes the static files to Netlify. There is then a simple Netlify function — which is essentially an AWS Lambda — that calls the Stripe API to register the order.

I plan to hook it up to Forestry, for simple editing of blog articles such as the Box Frame Shop Launch article. Their blocks field type makes structured content a breeze to edit.

Happy crafting!