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Pow, meet rbenv

I just ran into a problem with Pow when using rbenv for Ruby version management whereby Rails apps were not launching properly, giving the the following error message:

Error starting application Your Rack app raised an exception when Pow tried to run it. Bundler::GemNotFound: Could not find ??? in any of the sources

Turns out that Pow doesn’t know anything about rbenv unless you tell it.

Thomas Fuchs tweeted a solution, suggesting that you just add the following to a ~/.powconfig file:

export PATH="/Users/username/.rbenv/shims:/Users/username/.rbenv/bin:$PATH"

Kill off your Pow process (I use the Powder gem for this i.e. powder down && powder up), and all should work just fine. I personally prefer the solution mentioned in this related Github ticket as is saves having to hardcode your home directory:

export PATH=$(rbenv root)/shims:$(rbenv root)/bin:$PATH

Happy Pow’ing.