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Wow! Ruby on Rails just grew up.

I’ve been using Ruby on Rails at SonicIQ since the early Rails betas and have worked exclusively with Ruby frameworks ever since. Over the past few years I’ve seen Rails evolve, which has been a painful process in some cases as it has found direction, making the odd mistake along the way.

I have been working on a new project, getting a proper chance to use the Rails 3 beta and wow! …Rails just grew up.

With the introduction of Bundler, the gem dependency pain has disappeared. ActiveRecord’s API feels solid with the introduction of ActiveRelation. The new routing API (with the introduction of ActionDispatch) is amazingly concise, my routes never looked so good. The close integration with Rack enabling the mounting of other rack applications in a Rails app is just too easy… I could go on…

I think a great deal of the modularity and general solidness comes from the Merb merger, so big thanks to the Merb guys. I have felt none of the pain that I had in the past when needing to use anything other than the defaults, or hooking into the framework itself.

What more can I say, I’m in love with Rails all over again and so glad I stuck with it.

Thanks to everyone involved.