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Hiding system files such as /usr and /bin on OSX Leopard

This is a very boring post considering it’s the first in over a year but hey, I have to start somewhere.
Since upgrading to Leopard, even on clean installs, it decides to show system files such as /usr /bin /etc etc. To re-hide these files use the following:
sudo /Developer/Tools/SetFile -a V /bin
The -a means “set attributes” and the V means make in(V)isible (obviously!?). You will need developer tools installed from the Leopard disc for this to work.
h3. Why so long since the last post?
The reason for not posting in such a long time is that I was running on a broken Typo install for ages with no time to fix it. I have now moved to WordPress as it has grown up a little since I last used it. I will be porting the Lucid theme and adding features at some point, in the meantime the Typo version is still available as a download.