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Code beauty vs. Obsession

h3. When does the search for beautiful code become an obsession?
Rightly so, “David Heinemeier Hansson”:http://www.loudthinking.com/arc/000419.html constantly pushes for beautiful code, however this in now becoming an obsession for me and I may soon need professional help…
You know things are getting bad when you do something similar to the following:

thing = {
  :store_dir => "public/master",
  :scaled_dir => "public/variants",
  :tmp_dir => "public/temp"

And then _have_ to change it so that the symbol names are the same length!!:

thing = {
  :storage_dir => "public/master",
  :variant_dir => "public/variants",
  :tmp_img_dir => "public/temp"

I am finding myself becoming more and more obsessional about stuff like this.

  • Where is the threshold?
  • When does code beauty become an obsession?
    If anyone else is suffering from this terrible disorder, please post here, I need support to get through this 😉