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Lucid theme gets a polish… ish..

h3. A few amends to the lucid theme:

  • I’ve added a little colour scheme switcher (purely for the purposes of demonstrating the theme with different colours).
  • I have added a minty scheme as requested by “Thomas Aylott”: Also there is a bleached version, which is basically the theme stripped of most images and colour.
  • There is now a transparent search panel which slides down with the results.
    Please note that the colour picker is experimental and is only intended to show the theme with different schemes. When the comp. is finished, I will release the schemes separately.
    h3. Todo
  • Comment styling.
  • Cookie getting and setting for fixed/fluid layouts.
  • General tidy up.
    Time is once again an issue, feel free to make suggestions and I will try to incorporate them as and when I get the time.
    p.s. try viewing the theme with images off.