Rails: Using Autotest with UnitRecord

Myself and a colleague have just managed to waste away a good couple of hours trying to figure out Autotests strange ‘style’ mechanism to add the ability to “test in the way Jay Fields explains”:http://blog.jayfields.com/2007/09/rails-how-we-test.html using “UnitRecord”:http://unit-test-ar.rubyforge.org/.
You can grab our plugin to enable “UnitRecord”:http://unit-test-ar.rubyforge.org/ when using “Autotest”:http://rubyforge.org/projects/zentest below:
By default, running autotest in the Rails directory will run the unit tests. To run the functional tests, do: AUTOTEST='functional' autotest
I hope this saves some people some time!!

Autotest Growl Fail/Pass Smilies

John Nunemaker posted a handy tip on “setting up autotest to work with Growl”:http://railstips.org/2007/7/23/autotest-growl-pass-fail-notifications
I use this all the time now however I didn’t like the ugly smilies (call me shallow if you like). I used “Wolfgang Bartelme’s”:http://bartelme.at “Smily Devkit”:http://bartelme.at/journal/archive/smiley_devkit to make a couple of PNG’s slightly more pleasing to the eye.
p=. !http://thelucid.com/files/fail.png(Autotest Fail image)!
!http://thelucid.com/files/pending.png(Autotest Pending image)!
!http://thelucid.com/files/pass.png(Autotest Pass image)!
The zip file can be downloaded here: “autotest_images.zip”:http://thelucid.com/files/autotest_images.zip
*Update* 17-08-07: Added ‘pending’ image for RSpec as requested by Aslak Hellesoy