Super simple jQuery templating

Working with jQuery, it is common to find yourself needing some kind of templating solution. There are plenty out there, however sometimes the use-case is simple enough that you don’t really need a fully blow templating plugin. We’ll take a task list as an example (just to be original). Lets say you have the following […]

"Ramble", the Javascript Cucumber Port (work in progress)

I am a great fan of Cucumber when it comes to integration testing, however testing heavy use of Javascript can be a little tedious. I have looked into the different solutions out there such as Selenium but found them all to be fiddly to setup, however Capybara helps on this front. I was thinking, what […]

No 'a:visited' in Safari 5… jQuery to the rescue?

With the release of Safari 5, it seems that the ‘:visited’ CSS pseudo selector no longer takes affect. I completely understand it being removed due to breadcrumb sniffing but from a user’s perspective, differentiating between links that you have visited and those that you have not is very handy. jQuery to the rescue Using jQuery, […]

jQuery Colorbox within "overflow:hidden" container in Webkit

Wow, that’s a mouthful of a title. Just run into an interesting bug in Webkit I believe. When using Colorbox on a link contained inside a div who’s overflow attribute was set to hidden, the div was being scrolled to the bottom when hitting the “close” link of the colorbox. This only seemed to happen […]