Announcing Tache – Just enough Mustache for end users

I’ve finally found some time (thanks to the xmas break) to have a crack at a ‘safe’ Mustache implementation in Ruby. By this, I mean an implementation that allows for templates to be edited by end users without fear of jeopardising an app’s security. This is useful in many situations, for example in a CMS or to allow users to customise email responses etc.
In order to gain a full understanding of how Mustache works internally, I decided to first write a full Mustache implementation from the ground up. Once this was done, I looked at ways to implement ‘safe views’ using Liquid as inspiration. Tache meets the current Mustache spec, apart from a few whitespace differences that I will be addressing shortly.
You can view the project on Github which contains the full documentation.
Happy New Year!

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  1. Love the work here; Would love to see an example app using Rails 3.2.x or how your using it for end-user templating.

  2. Thanks Justin. My focus has been on creating a generic tool allowing for safe templates in an end-user environment, however I will definitely look at adding some Rails examples in the future.

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