Autotest Growl Fail/Pass Smilies

John Nunemaker posted a handy tip on “setting up autotest to work with Growl”:
I use this all the time now however I didn’t like the ugly smilies (call me shallow if you like). I used “Wolfgang Bartelme’s”: “Smily Devkit”: to make a couple of PNG’s slightly more pleasing to the eye.
p=. ! Fail image)!
! Pending image)!
! Pass image)!
The zip file can be downloaded here: “”:
*Update* 17-08-07: Added ‘pending’ image for RSpec as requested by Aslak Hellesoy

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  1. Jamie, could you make a yellow one too? We’ve added a 3rd type of status to RSpec (pending). I’d like to bundle this up in an RSpec plugin and release it, but I’m not very good with Gimp and I don’t have Photoshop.
    Aslak from the RSpec team

  2. Thanks Jamie!
    Since I’m one of the main developers of RSpec I’m obviously biased, but the main benefits you get are:
    * Self documentation. The specs *are* the documentation.
    * A different mental picture when you do TDD – your focus shifts and you end up with better code.
    * Built-in diff and colours
    * Built-in mocking
    * In Rails, allows you to test each M,V,C in isolation
    * A more natural/DSLish way to write assertions.
    Like most new things you’ll only realise the benefits if you try it out 😉

  3. Aslak: No problem, leave it with me. I’d like to see the RSpec version in action, I’m still using Test::Unit as I’m struggling to see the benefits of moving to RSpec. I’d like to hear your views on RSpec vs. Test::Unit.

  4. Aslak: I will give it a try especially if you are building in Growl notifications.
    I’ve added a ‘pending’ image. If you are going to be packaging it with rSpec would you mind putting an acknowledgement with a link to this site and/or “” Thanks, Jamie.

  5. I’ve taken your smilies and written an autotest growl notifier for rspec that actually works and presents a somewhat useful notification. Hopefully Aslak and the Rspec crew will be able to incorporate it (or something like it) into an Rspec plugin in the near future. Thanks for the smilies, by the way. They’re sexy.

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