TheLucid Typo theme now works with version 4.1

TheLucid Typo theme finally works with version 4.1 of Typo.
Please bear in mind that this is quick-fix and and there will still be a Version 2 release sometime in the near future.
The new release can be downloaded below:
There are a couple of improvements such as cookies remembering which colour scheme and layout have been selected along with some IE fixes.
Thanks to everyone who notified me of browser issues etc. and I hope to release v2.0 as soon as possible (for both Typo and Mephisto).

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  1. Matt: Glad you like the theme. To change the default color scheme, just change cs0 in the Defaults part of lucid.js file.
    var user_prefs = new Array(‘c-ms’, ‘cs0’, ‘fixed’);
    cs0 = Ruby, cs1 = Mint, cs2 = Bleached
    Also, you can change fixed to fluid if you wish.

  2. Thanks for the great theme. I just spent a few hours going through Typo themes and this is the only one I’ve found (other than the default) that completely works with Typo 4.1
    Is there any easy way to set the default color scheme? Not that I don’t love Ruby red, but I’ve got a slight leaning towards the mint theme.

  3. Thanks for the quick response.
    As a hint to anyone else who’s interested in changing the defaults, don’t forget that the javascript file is cached so you’ll need to flush it (e.g. toggle themes) before the new defaults take effect. Clearing cookies doesn’t cut the mustard.

  4. I just downloaded the lucid theme from here and had to do some tweaking to get it to work in typo 4.1.1 installed from the gem. The path to the js file and images were both incorrect. Is this a problem with typo or the theme?

  5. Yes. When I unzipped it to the themes folder in my typo installation, I then used the typo admin interface to activate the new theme. However, in all the pages that loaded, the link to the lucid.js file was /typo/javascript/theme/lucid.js.
    The link to the other js files was /typo/javascripts/xxx.js. Also, the image files were not copied to the images/theme folder nor was the js file copied to the javascripts/theme folder. Finally, the path to the images referenced in the css was /images/themes when it should have been /typo/images/themes. Again, I’m not sure if this is a problem with the theme or typo….

  6. I cleared the typo cache using the following rake commands: rake tmp:clear and rake sweep_cache RAILS_ENV=production. After doing so, the js links showed up correctly, but the images referenced in css still didn’t work. So, I changed the image references in css from url(/images/theme/xxx.jpg) to url(../../images/theme/xxx.jpg). Once I did this, the site began working correctly.

  7. Aha, the reason is that you have typo installed in a subdirectory and the theme was designed to run from the root url i.e. ‘/’
    You may be able to setup some rewrite rules in Apache for this.

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