TheLucid Typo theme (Phase 2)

I have had a great deal of interest in TheLucid Typo theme over the past few months.
I am planning a revamp in the near future to fix the outstanding IE bugs and to generally tidy things up. I have wanted to do this for a while but due to work commitments have not had time.
I would like invite anyone who is using the theme, or thinking of using the theme to post suggestions and bug reports here.
h3. What I am currently planning:
* Cookie containing fixed/fluid state.
* Comment styling.
* Separate color versions in addition to the switcher version.
* Numerous browser fixes.

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  1. I’d like to see a cookie of the desired color scheme in addition to the format (fixed/fluid). A little more padding on the tag cloud would be nice as well.

  2. I will try that version out in a bit. Not sure if it is the version I have or not.
    On a side note, your theme does not render in IE7 properly at all. It’s definitely not your fault but thought I would point that out. Will Microsoft EVER get it right?

  3. Yeah it is pretty shameful about IE7. Your theme renders in 4 or 5 really odd looking columns. IE6 even had it better than that for your page. Try out the IE7 RC1 from . There’s gotta be something _blatantly wrong_ in the rendering engine.

  4. Alright…well, that probably is it and it also would probably be a bit of a pain to go back and change them all to relative paths. Any reason you went with absolute paths like that?

  5. That would be great. I’ve ported your theme over to Mephisto (poorly) and I’ll keep checking back here to see if I should update it anytime soon. 🙂
    Thanks for the great theme.

  6. For anyone interested, the fix for IE7 is to “update” the Holly Hack by removing the first *

    /* Hides from IE-mac \*/
    html .clearfix { height: 1%; }
    .clearfix { display: block; }
    /* End hide from IE-mac */
  7. That’s great Jim. I am going to aim to create official Typo, WordPress and Mephisto versions of the theme (when I finally release them).

  8. We’ll be glad to help out however you’d like. We’ll be making the code itself available shortly– we’re still starting the group up, and I have a presentation to prepare for Tuesday!

  9. Hi!…
    I’m plating with Your Lucid Theme. Somthing like this:

    function set_theme_options(){
    var _color_set = getCookie(COLOR_SET);
    var _layout = getCookie(LAYOUT);
    if(_color_set!=null) { iq_switch_pref(COLOR_SET, _color_set); }
    if(_layout!=null) { iq_switch_pref(LAYOUT, _layout); }

    Could work to make persistents styles choosed in the preferences bar.
    Adding this to the end of file lucid.js

    addEvent(window, 'load', set_theme_options, false);

    and, of course

    setCookie(pref, layout);

    in function iq_switch_pref(pref, layout)
    Keep your good work!

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