Code beauty vs. Obsession

h3. When does the search for beautiful code become an obsession?
Rightly so, “David Heinemeier Hansson”: constantly pushes for beautiful code, however this in now becoming an obsession for me and I may soon need professional help…
You know things are getting bad when you do something similar to the following:

thing = {
  :store_dir => "public/master",
  :scaled_dir => "public/variants",
  :tmp_dir => "public/temp"

And then _have_ to change it so that the symbol names are the same length!!:

thing = {
  :storage_dir => "public/master",
  :variant_dir => "public/variants",
  :tmp_img_dir => "public/temp"

I am finding myself becoming more and more obsessional about stuff like this.
* Where is the threshold?
* When does code beauty become an obsession?
If anyone else is suffering from this terrible disorder, please post here, I need support to get through this ๐Ÿ˜‰

7 thoughts on “Code beauty vs. Obsession”

  1. is it really beautiful code?
    imho beautiful code is code that easy to read, not that looks good at a distance ;P

  2. That’s right! You know what though, if you enjoy writing it that way and it remains readable, that’s what matters in the end. Do what will make you happy while you work.
    Best Regards

  3. You’re not alone. Particularly in reference to having the array elements all neatly aligned. They’re just far easier to read that way.

  4. Why not –

    thing = {
      :store_dir  => "public/master",
      :scaled_dir => "public/variants",
      :tmp_dir    => "public/temp"

    If God had meant all variable names to be the same length, He would never have given us tabs!

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