Here comes 2006…

With 2006 on the horizon there are so many things that I have still yet to accomplish.
This is not a new years resolution list, more of a reminder to myself as to what I want to get out of the new year.
h3. Moving premises
Something that is sure to help with a fresh start is the fact that “SonicIQ”: is moving premises on the 1st of Feb. Initial chaos no doubt what with phone lines being transfered etc. but still, a change of location is always good for a bit of variety.
h3. Aims for the new year
* Get the sodding “SonicIQ”: site live. Four to five years of trading and still only a holding page due to the constant workload.
* Make more time for personal projects, ideas that have been floating around in my head for years and not seen the light of day.
* Take the stress out of work and actually start enjoying it again. With so much to do and not enough time you tend to loose focus on why your actually running a business in the first place.
* Decorate the flat! – Had my flat for three years and still not finished decorating… that’s just silly.
* Have a cracking summer and *go to the beach*. Living five minutes walk from the beach and visiting it once in 2005 is again just silly…
* Make the most of free time. I tend to wear myself down with work that any free time I get is spent lounging around, sleeping and/or stressing about deadlines.
I’m sure I could keep this list going for ever, so I’ll stop now. Hopefully this _will_ act as a reminder to myself to at least act on a couple of these points.
So here is to a prosperous 2006… bring it on, I’m ready this time.

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  1. My dear friend, inlight of your new years ‘resolutions’, I shall do my upmost to keep reminding you of them!
    lunchtime = beach! 😉
    p.s. nice blog mate!

  2. Yeah, yeah, whatever!
    Bout time you got the chance to chill abit – mind you with staff like you’ve got, I think its unlikely.

  3. I can certainly appreciate your wanting to focus more on non-geek (aka life) activities; a balance is a neccessary thing to have in life…but can I request that you take a look at the ‘Lucid’ theme against Typo’s SVN? Using the latest Lucid looks beautiful, but it fails to display any ‘permalinks’. So while the front page looks stunning, you can’t click any of the articles without things blowing up. If you don’t have time to do this, could you at least give us some hints on how to address this issue? Your theme is AMAZING, and I’d love to be able to use it. Here’s the thread where I’ve requested help on getting this running:,25.0.html
    Thank you.

  4. fak3r: I have not forgotten this however we have a couple of very large projects on at SonicIQ (
    I have had a few requests for an update and can assure you I will get to it eventually, keep an eye out on over the next couple of weeks and a will see what I can do.
    In the meantime, below are a list of improvements that will be in the next release:
    * Fixed / Fluid will be stored in a cookie.
    * Separate color versions will be available as well as the switcher version.
    * Numerous browser fixes.
    If anyone wants to use the different color schemes with the current version, just change cs0 in the “Defaults” part of lucid.js file.
    // Defaults
    var user_prefs = new Array(‘c-ms’, ‘cs0’, ‘fixed’);
    cs0 = Ruby,
    cs1 = Mint,
    cs2 = Bleached

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