Lucid theme gets a polish… ish..

h3. A few amends to the lucid theme:
* I’ve added a little colour scheme switcher (purely for the purposes of demonstrating the theme with different colours).
* I have added a minty scheme as requested by “Thomas Aylott”: Also there is a bleached version, which is basically the theme stripped of most images and colour.
* There is now a transparent search panel which slides down with the results.
Please note that the colour picker is experimental and is only intended to show the theme with different schemes. When the comp. is finished, I will release the schemes separately.
h3. Todo
* Comment styling.
* Cookie getting and setting for fixed/fluid layouts.
* General tidy up.
Time is once again an issue, feel free to make suggestions and I will try to incorporate them as and when I get the time.
p.s. try viewing the theme with images off.

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  1. First off, this is a great typo theme and it should have recieved greater honors during the contest.
    With that said, I just thought about something you should add. How about collapsable sidebar elements. Sort of like file browsing or something else.

  2. A couple of more items/issues with the theme:
    1. When making comments after switching the theme color, it changes back to the defaults color.
    2. Sidebar elements are also not visible in the comments section. (was this on purpose? If so, thats cool.)

  3. I really like this theme, I hope you will keep polishing it and finish it! If it was more featureful it would surely end up a lot higher.
    To be honest, it reminds me a bit of the RDoc Dashboard widget 🙂
    Best regards,
    — Jo Vermeulen

  4. I notice that this blog and the downloadable theme differ. The style switcher on the site is a slide out. Also, in your version, single article titles are not links. Can you please update the downloadable version.
    Great work and best of luck in the contest. You have my vote.

  5. Jamie: I was more interested in the possibilities of altering it. Ie. I don’t like the “posted by” thing (since I’m the only user of my blog, what is the use of that?). But this is minor stuff.
    Experience tells me, that it’s always good to specify the license. The theme is great, you obviously put a lot of work into it. Why let someone come, and rip you off? 😉 It happens, believe me.
    You can just take a look at the CC licenses and find something there that suits you.

  6. If this theme worked without throwing JavaScript errors in IE6 I think it would be hands down the best theme out there. The little calendar icons are great.

  7. MDK: I’ll look into that, cheers for the tip.
    Tom: Not entirely sure what is causing them, will look into it.

  8. Hi!
    Jamie I contact with you here because I can’t find your email anywhere.
    First of all, congratulations for the theme, good work.
    I just want to tell that I’m using a modified version of this theme on my blog at take a look at it.
    Sorry, I din’t advice you before using it, if you think that I shouldn’t be using it, tell me and I will use another one.

  9. Jamie,
    I love your theme. I think it’d be perfect for my blog, only I don’t use typo. Would you be open to my using this theme on my wordpress for my personal blog use only? (With “Template by SonicIQ,” et cetera.

  10. When I use it on trunk typo, as opposed to 2.6.0 or whatever the latest release is, I get empty article pages (i.e., the rest of the layout is there but the @content_for_layout appears empty)
    Is this a known issue or I just deserve it for messing with bleeding edge software?

  11. Jamie:
    What is the status of a download for your latest them work? Also, I noticed that the theme breaks on the latest version of typo off the trunk. The customization bars show as blank when trying to switch among the colors and when viewing articles the Title bar for the article jumps up and down when mousing over. This only happens when you have logged into admin, regular users don’t get the issue.

  12. Just tried lucid and I can’t get any of the theme’s images to display. Am I missing something?

  13. Jamie, thanks for making this great theme. I’ve noticed some problems w/ it in IE 6.0 and was wondering if there were any solutions (Firefox works fine).
    It looks like typocode runs over the margins and prevents the sidebar from displaying. For example:
    Here the sidebar is at the bottom of the page.
    Compare this to:
    Now the sidebar is where it should be.
    One other thing: followed story title links disappear (red on red). Again this is only in IE.
    Any ideas?

  14. Rich: there are a few bugs in IE, I am aiming to put by some time in the near future to give the theme a good overhaul. Please bear with me, I am definitely keen to get these bits and pieces fixed, it’s just getting the time. Check back here for updates.

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